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Block Paving…

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So time for a new patio and drive.

The build as it evolves…

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A rainy day in Boca Raton

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20130502_192913 20130502_192909 20130502_192907 20130502_192723 20130502_192720 20130502_192918It started out as a gentle shower atr around 10:00 hsv logos kostenlos herunterladen. By 14:00 it was a full blown storm…


20130502_212629 20130502_210743 20130502_210057

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Raspberry pi server monitoring with MRTG

A number of projects have been created to log sensor data from various things such as temperature or server availability etc. One of the most popular ways has been to use the cosm website or to write to google docs herunterladen.

In a previous experiment I used mrtg to create graphs on my own web server. So having a spare raspberry pi and a bunch of scripts from other people I hacked it all together…

Some example graphs:-

 The first one is my router throughput and the second is a temperature sensor






I’ll start with simply gettung mrtg to run on the Pi and then show how to log other things.  Currently I’m logging two different temperature sensors, pressure, humidity, ping response from 2 servers and my adsl router usage bmd ntcs herunterladen.

First step is to install apache web server and mrtg.

This post may help

sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5

type “sudo groupadd www-data”, then
“sudo usermod -g www-data www-data” rtl app herunterladen.
Now restart apache with
“sudo service apache2 restart”.

Then install mrtg. Amongst the other web sites, this one provides a lot of hints and tips pdf24 herunterladen kostenlos.

Sudo apt-get install mrtg

Create the mrtg work directory

Sudo mkdir /var/www/mrtg

You will need to enable snmp on your router and change the community string from public to a more secure value herunterladen. In this case we will use ‘community’

Assuming this is done then create an mrtgconfig file. Replacing the ip address below for yours minecraft kostenlos herunterladen handy 2020.

sudo cfgmaker –output=/etc/mrtg.cfg  –global “workdir: /var/www/mrtg” community@

This looks at the snmp mibs in your router and creates a standard cfg file geburtstag videos herunterladen.

Next we need to create the html file to display the graphs.

Sudo indexmaker –output=/var/www/mrtg/index.html /etc/mrtg.cfg

Finally we need to set a cron job to refreshh the graphs every 5 mins facebook icon for free.

Edit the cron file.

Sudo nano /etc/cron.d/mrtg

To add the line

*/5 * * * * root env LANG=C /usr/bin/mrtg /etc/mrtg.cfg >> /var/log/mrtg/mrtg.log

This line may already be configured by MRTG herunterladen. Essenstially it causes MRTG to run every 5 minutes and read the config file /etc/mrtg.cfg. The graph will then be output into the /var/www/mrtg directory where it is then displayed precio del viagra using thr /var/www/mrtg/index.html file video von blicken.

MRTG can be used to graph many other data series. All it needs is 2 values output to the screen. So a simple script for the temperature sensor just needs to return two values. e.g. the command:-

sudo ./ 11 4 # read temp



MRTG would then plot the two series as 0 and 24. In my example only 1 value is significant as the sensor only provides temperature. Another example may provide temperature and humidity. e.g.

sudo ./dht11 11 4



MRTG can then plot the two values on the same graph.

To plot ping stats for an IP address i installed mrtg-ping-probe. This just returns a couple of values. e.g.




In order to get mrtg to add thes feature we need to add another element to the config file

A sample cfg file…

Target[temp2]: `/home/pi/bmp085/`

 MaxBytes[temp2]: 100

YLegend[temp2]: Deg

Legend1[temp2]: .

Legend2[temp2]: .

Legend3[temp2]: .

Legend4[temp2]: .



ShortLegend[temp2]: Temp

Title[temp2]: Temp2

Options[temp2]: gauge, nopercent, integer, unknaszero

Colours[temp2]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff

WithPeak[temp2]: ymw

PageTop[temp2]: <H1>Temp2</H1>




Raspberry Pi games


I had to get one kniffel app kostenlosen. So i got two! The first one is just running XBIAN (XBMC). For those that dont know this is a media centre and with a few plug-ins such as TVCatchup it hangs off th eback of a spare HD TV and streams some free TV channels herunterladen. I also discovered i can send any media on my phone to this setup as well.

The second one is more for playing around with. At the moment its running a NAS drive for backups and music etc herunterladen. Theres plenty of help for this on the net at and it works quite well.

I’m also playing around with bluetooth how can I download pictures from the internet. I discovered this site  herunterladen.

I followed it more or less. I tried using it on Arch linux but this wouldnt find any devices so i installed Raspbian and it worked. I then mashed up a couple of scripts to send an email  whenever the Pi scans and finds another bluetooth device in range. 

I used this script to scan  for a bluetooth device


if   hcitool scan | grep “:” > string




echo “failed”


The second script is a small python script to send an email google hörbücher herunterladen. Its not pretty but it works and send the contents fo the file “string” which is the BT or MAC address of the devices found in the scan.


import smtplib

import sys

message = “””From: Pi

To: Home

Subject: Bluetooth Alert


bluetooth = open(‘string’, ‘r’).read()


server = smtplib.SMTP(“”)




server.login(‘’, ‘password’)

# print message

print bluetooth

server.sendmail(‘’,’’, mssg)







The Run 11

It’s a year since I decided to start running again. About this time last year i found myself enterred for ‘The Run 10’. I had previously entered The Run 09 but had to drop out due to a torn calf muscle netflix serienen fernseher.

I hadnt trained for a while last year and managed to go round in 1:05. I’m hoping to beat that and ideally make jt I’m under an hour normen downloaden. I have beaten an hour on my last 2 10k runs but the weather is likely to make that a real challenge.

But I’ve run more or less 500 mikes since last year so I should do better … youtube download handy. The one fly in the ointment… 26 degrees! Hotter than July …

Well it was warm alright. I managed 59:57 pretty close to the hour lol minecraft kostenlosen deutsch vollversion android. Ther were over 1500 finishers which made it pretty crowded at the start and finish.




Coffee! Who needs Costas?

After months of searching I finally managed to get s new coffee machine. I’ve been searching for a bean to cup machine so I can chose espresso or make my own latte etc herunterladen.


The machine is a Delonghi esam4200 and it’s so cool internet downloaden. Fill up with water and beans and just dial the strength and quantity. Press the button and off it goes 🙂

It seems to go from cold to americano in the same time it takes the kettle to boil cv word. It even cleans itself on switch on and switch off!

Some nice goodies. Caramel shortbread and cherry and almond slices!




First half marathon…!

Trying to run a half marathon in my birthday 17/7/2011.

Not sure I’ll make it but my runners pack arrived so I’m getting nervous sonos playlist!


The route is now published here herunterladen. Only 2 days to go! 343 miles this year in training and the weather is going to be cool with some rain. Perfect for me.

Race day Update avast mobile security kostenlosen!
We arrived at 9am, plenty of parking and just a 5 minute walk to the start. The weather was perfect for me. 15 degrees c with a threat of rain skype download windows 7 32 bit free.
The main problem then being the 200meter queue for the toilets!


The dedicated few took part in the warm up while we connected up our Garmins and iPhones photoimpact x3 kostenlos downloaden. Being first timers we lined up with the sub 3hour marker. It wasn’t long and we were off. The first 500 yards was along an estate road but then we turned onto pathway’s itunes downloaden english. This was quite crowded and until 3 miles it was a little bit challenging.
By about 6 miles the first shower came and I was feeling pretty good still managing 10 minute miles hardstyle musik kostenlos downloaden. But by mile 9 my quads were cramping and it began to get tough. Another shower and it was mile 11. I was having to walk A few yards every half mile and it was sheer will power and crowd support pushing me on now amazon music songs herunterladen kostenlos.
The last 500 yards was very hard but I was determined to finish running and managed 2:18:23. Not bad for a first half marathon at age 51.

So the question I still feel uncomfortable answering is… Am I s runner or a jogger herunterladen?


Deddington Farmers Market

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It’s always nice to visit Deddington farmers market. the whole village comes alive and naturally the church get in on the act too.

The church put in a coffe and biscuit stall as well as a few local craft stalls ezcast herunterladen. The result is a very pleasant day.

The produce is all local and pretty high quality and I can never resist a nice joint of beef

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Running again

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My knee is behaving so I’m running longer.
I managed 15 miles last week and now feel I should go for another 10k. Actually I’d love to reach the dizzy distance of a half marathon 🙂

So far I’ve managed 7.8 miles herunterladen. Could I stretch to 13.1…..

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English Table Tennis Open

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A visit to Sheffield on Friday. A great opportunity to see some of the worlds top players

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Trapped in Milton Keynes by snow!

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Around 4 inches of snow yesterday meant that the major roads of the UK were brought to a halt for around 6 hours or so. Of course the airports remained closed for 24 hours herunterladen. Why we can’t cope is a mystery and quite irritating…

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Feeding a hungry student…

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Courtesy of Ikea…

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A service not offered in many places!

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I couldn’t resist this. What an unusual service to offer. 🙂

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Costas caramel slices…

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Just how many calories can one man enjoy…

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