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Play Bass?

I found this guy on YouTube a while ago and became a fan. The original Youtube videos were brilliant and some of them were even quite amusing!

He is back on youtube with a limited set of videos now. He did have a few hundres at one point.



BBC NEWS Cow urine drink set to launch

This really is taking the pi$$. I can’t see this rivalling Coke just yet.

BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Cow urine drink set to launch.


Hamilton Considered quiting…

I must admit to feeling sorry fore Hamilton. He has had a rough time


Remote Control via Twitter

Remote control of your PC from Twitter! omputer-remotely-via-twitter.htm




A Big Red Virgin

On the way to golf I saw this tempting site at jct 14 on the M1. It must have been a very enjoyable trip.


BBC SPORT | Athletics | Live – London Marathon coverage

BBC SPORT | Athletics | Live – London Marathon coverage.

This is cool



Cauliflower cheese with bacon and mushrooms. Lovely!


A new start

This is my first post for a while and as such it wont be much.

After reading so many blogs and Twitter posts i’ve decided it’s time i had a go. Probably like so many other people i guess. Twitter has fascinated me by its popularity. When i first looked at it I just didn’t […]