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Lock gates

These lock gates were overflowing. Looks like the Grand Union could do with a little TLC


BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Five Minutes with: Bill Bailey

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Five Minutes with: Bill Bailey.

On a lighter note a laugh a minute with Bill Bailey. Check out the other linkd to Frank Skinner and Stephen Fry…


BBC NEWS | Politics | MP claimed for church donation

BBC NEWS | Politics | MP ‘claimed for church donation’.

I know i’ve posted a lot about the MP’s expenses but this one just takes it to another level. Mistake or not I just dont accept this at all.

It kind of give charity a bad name.


MPs expenses: Bill Cash has serious questions to answer, says David Cameron – Telegraph

MPs’ expenses: Bill Cash has ‘serious questions to answer’, says David Cameron – Telegraph.

How many MP’s with appropriate names will come up in the scandal. Now its Questions for Cash.

Never mind the city fat cats. We’ve forgotton all about them and the Bankers pensions. Ever get the feeling that it’s everywhere now…


BBC NEWS | England | Lancashire | Slavery mother-in-law is jailed

BBC NEWS | England | Lancashire | Slavery mother-in-law is jailed.

It’s enough to put you off marriage!!!




At last Tomtom have released TOMTOM 7 for the PDA. They did sya they would never do it due to the piracy of previous versions. But it seems they have relented. This is good news as it will once again pose some competition for the other PDA brands out there.


BBC NEWS | England | Demand growing for squirrel pie

BBC NEWS | England | Demand growing for squirrel pie.

How many squirrels would you need to make a decent filling!


BBC NEWS | England | Dorset | Kidnapped son found on Facebook

BBC NEWS | England | Dorset | ‘Kidnapped son’ found on Facebook.

How wierd is this!


Open Landscape

A while ago i wrote a simple piece for a guest Blog spot where i work. It was meant to provide a bit of background to how we communicate now in this digital age.

Things have changed over the years. We used to meet face to face or over the telephone. In fact before mobiles […]


Making Asterisk do Stuff…

A few years ago i played around with an Asterisk server. I eventually settled on Asterisk @ Home which just required a PC of quite minimal spec where it would install Centos Linux in a typical LAMP config with a predefined Asterisk config. It rather neatly installs everything you basically need to experiment or even […]


This is what i call a flat tyre!

While wandering around the lovely towm of Thame i spotted this abandoned bike.

I wonder if this is now a standard feature of Bike racks across the country. There is always a broken bike or one with a wheel missing. Do you think that someone is going round the country collecting wheels? Or maybe […]


All the birds love them…

An old joke but I’m sure it’s a deliberate ploy, ‘Fabulous Fat Balls’, Energy Boosting. I ask you…


Sometimes a courtesy car is a higher spec than you expect.


BBC NEWS | Technology | Virgin pilots 200Mbps broadband

BBC NEWS | Technology | Virgin pilots 200Mbps broadband.

This should get things moving for Broadband in the UK. Many countries are already enjoying the benfits of higher cable speeds.

James Enck had an interesting blog on this. It will be fascinating to see if they will offer a decent upload rate. This isnt normally […]