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BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft in web photo racism row

BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft in web photo racism row.

I really thought we were past all things like this. Honestly! they’ll be air brushing models next…


BBC NEWS | Technology | Exploding iPhones investigated

BBC NEWS | Technology | Exploding iPhones investigated.

Marketing ploy to make you buy another one?



Well i had to have another go at pasta…so this time it was Ravioli.

Made the pasta as usual and then cooked some spinach in butter and garlic and added loads of ricotta.

So much more flavour than shop made stuff

Pasta ready for filling

Run through the machine



Iphone too disruptive for Apple..?

Some very interesting articles from Andy Abramson


It is surely now just a matter of time before these ind of Apps are released. If not for the iPhone then for other smart phones. Apple may try to stop the flow but market forces will eventually dominate. We wil see low cost or […]


So what does Chrome mean…

The release of Google Chrome OS brings an interesting play from Google.

Microsoft started with the OS with MSDOS and have gradually tried to maintain their dominance by using the browser. For a time this looked certain as they gradually stifled any competition. However, this has suffered a lately with the introduction of Safari and […]