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Theres a lot to say about winter. But i should really point out how nice it was to have real seasons. The weather would change to give a real taste of the four seasons and i guess there were special events for each season. For now ill stick to winter.

This is the same view from our bedroom but in winter obviously. Its hard to get this across but we would have snow on the ground from November to March in varying degress. But for a lot of this time it would be a foot or so deep and dry. The temperature would often be below zero for days. sometimes even weeeks. It wouldnt be unusual to have -7 for several days. The lowest that i can remember was once when i was picked up from the tube it was minus 23 on the car thermometer. Luckily there was no wind lol. But it made your cheeks hurt it was so cold.


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  • Anonymous

    what a magnificent pic of that! i’ve never experienced winter and snow before.. envious of u, and having u to wake up to a jaw-dropping view (ano pic during summer time with floras and faunas grooming bright in front of ur very eyes), which is another luxurious in life which is invaluable man.


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