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Block Paving…

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So time for a new patio and drive.

The build as it evolves…

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before from corner

Day 1 above

day1 corner

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A rainy day in Boca Raton

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It started out as a gentle shower atr around 10:00 hsv logos kostenlos herunterladen. By 14:00 it was a full blown storm…


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Raspberry pi server monitoring with MRTG

A number of projects have been created to log sensor data from various things such as temperature or server availability etc. One of the most popular ways has been to use the cosm website or to write to google docs herunterladen.

In a previous experiment I used mrtg to create graphs on my own web […]


Raspberry Pi games

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I had to get one kniffel app kostenlosen. So i got two! The first one […]


The Run 11

It’s a year since I decided to start running again. About this time last year i found myself enterred for ‘The Run 10’. I had previously entered The Run 09 but had to drop out due to a torn calf muscle netflix serienen fernseher.

I hadnt trained for a while last year and managed […]


Coffee! Who needs Costas?

After months of searching I finally managed to get s new coffee machine. I’ve been searching for a bean to cup machine so I can chose espresso or make my own latte etc herunterladen.

The machine is a Delonghi esam4200 and it’s so cool internet downloaden. Fill up with water and beans and […]


First half marathon…!

Trying to run a half marathon in my birthday 17/7/2011.

Not sure I’ll make it but my runners pack arrived so I’m getting nervous sonos playlist!

The route is now published here herunterladen. Only 2 days to go! 343 miles this year in training and the weather is going to be cool […]


Deddington Farmers Market

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It’s always nice to visit Deddington farmers market. the whole village comes alive and naturally the church get in on the act too.

The church put in a coffe and biscuit stall as well as a few local craft stalls ezcast herunterladen. The result is a very pleasant day.

The […]


Running again

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My knee is behaving so I’m running longer. I managed 15 miles last week and now feel I should go for another 10k. Actually I’d love to reach the dizzy distance of a half marathon 🙂

So far I’ve managed 7.8 miles herunterladen. Could I stretch to 13.1…..

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English Table Tennis Open

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A visit to Sheffield on Friday. A great opportunity to see some of the worlds top players

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Trapped in Milton Keynes by snow!

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Around 4 inches of snow yesterday meant that the major roads of the UK were brought to a halt for around 6 hours or so. Of course the airports remained closed for 24 hours herunterladen. Why we can’t cope is a mystery and quite irritating…



Feeding a hungry student…

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Courtesy of Ikea…

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A service not offered in many places!

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I couldn’t resist this. What an unusual service to offer. 🙂

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Costas caramel slices…

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Just how many calories can one man enjoy…

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