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Southwold is a holiday resort from my childhood. Its also become a place for our children to remember. It is so typical of everything you can imagine a British seaside town is meant to be herunterladen.

A fantastic lighthouse, a lovely beach and a refurbished pier. There is even a little boating pond where as […]



It always amused me that whoever I met in Germany automatically assumed that it rained all the time in the UK. Its hardly suprising I suppose as the Brits use the weather as a means of opening conversation all the time gratis films downloaden android. Having lived abroad I can now see why. The UK […]


Insurance… Who needs it!

We had been in Munich for a few years and were competant skiers. My son was also a competent snowboarder. It was close to the end of the season and we had gone to Seefeld for the day elsterformular herunterladen. It had been glorious sunshine and we had all enjoyed ourselves until we came up […]


Christmas Markets

I was reminded yesterday about the Christmas Markets in Germany. Milton Keynes shopping centre has imported a few Germans market stall holders for a special Christmas market microsoft word 2018 kostenlos herunterladen.

I must admit to not really knowing about the Christmas markets until I found myself in the middle of one! It was back […]


Good Samaritans…

This might take two posts before i finish…

We would frequesntly drive to the next village for shopping or a quick snack in Hogles Coffee shop older office versions. As you enter the next village there is a pretty steep hill to negotiate which is achieved with 4 or 5 hair pin bends. So as […]


An excuse for a Party

It seems the Bavarians have a great way of just creating a party. There would be many occasions where they would set up a bar or a tent seemingly quite casually in a field and unload a few beer garden tables and before you know it there was a party open office 3.0 kostenlos deutsch. […]



As I mentioned earlier living in Munich gives you some great opportunities to travel. We were lucky enough to go to Venice twice in our 5 and a half years herunterladen. The first time we were staying near Lido de Jesolo and so caught the bus to the ferry to get to Venice. Strangely […]


May Day

When we arrived in our village we were fascinated to discover we had a maypole. In fact we discovered that almost every village had one steam download pc. It was while travelling to work on the train that I noticed a huge length of wood being worked on by the side of the station. After […]



I could write a lot about supermarkets in Munich. Suffice to say they are quite different. Ill start with a simple tale which will give you a idea of our experiences antivirenprogramm kostenlos downloaden computer bild.

We had wandered around our local supermarket – AEZ – Amper Einkaufs Zentrum i think it was and we […]


A Skater Dad

When i was 12 or so i had an old pair of roller skates. The type that you had to strap on to your shoes. They were adjustable so that as your feet grew you could adapt them to fit webex player herunterladen. But of course they would always work loose and make life difficult. […]


Why Cheap Flights can be interesting

This story happened to me when I returned to Munich to close down my bank account and other loose ends. I decided to fly with Ryanair to Salzburg as this was just as cheap and the flight times were easier appsen. Also the airport is tiny and easy to negotiate etc. The outward flight went […]


Early Days

I was reminded of my younger days recently. My daughters boyfrined is playing in a band and will be playing a Gig this week. Way back in 1976 i desicovered punk and it was a very exciting time apps downloaden huawei p smart. It led to me buying a guitar and learning to play a […]


A Skater Dad…

When i was 12 or so i had an old pair of roller skates. The type that you had to strap on to your shoes. They were adjustable so that as your feet grew you could adapt them to fit mozilla firefox für mac download kostenlos. But of course they would always work loose and […]


Barcelona for the day

I will eventually stop going on about life in Germany. But its easy to fill pages so for now heres some more.

Munich is situated in a wonderfull position in Europe yabeat kostenlose musik herunterladen. Just an hour from Austria, 100 miles to Italy. a few hours to France or the Check Republic (sure i […]