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German Tax. Ultimate Power!

This incident was quite a shock!. We had been on holiday and using our German Maestro bank cards to draw money while in Corsica and Sardinia 3d herunterladen. It all worked very well so when we returned and I had to go to Frankfurt on business I was quite shocked to find the machine kept […]


More Winter

One of the great things for the kids was that when they came home from school in the winter they would get thier ski gear on and go off sledging for a couple of hours herunterladen. This was easy as we lived on a slight hill. So they could spend hours having fun. often using […]



Theres a lot to say about winter. But i should really point out how nice it was to have real seasons. The weather would change to give a real taste of the four seasons and i guess there were special events for each season mozila firefox herunterladen. For now ill stick to winter.


Where i lived

We lived in a village called Icking in Bavaria. It was situated 22 kilometres south of Munich. This is the view from our bedroom window. More accurately the balcony whatsapp kostenlos herunterladen chip.

The picture doesnt really do it justice as the Alps in the background seem much larger in reality instagram […]



Eventually i was allowed to put weight back on my foot again. It was a relief after so long hobbling around. But what i wasnt prepared for was the throbbing pain in my foot powerpoint 2007 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. This lasted another 6 weeks or so and was due to the muscles not having being […]


How to treat a broken Fibula

I awoke hoping that the pain had gone. but sadly no. It was still there and probably even more painful. It had kept me awake as there just didnt seem to be a comfortable positioon windows 10 von microsoften. In fact it was to be a week or more befor ei could find comfort. So […]


A sunny day in nottingham

Its lunch time and ive mailed a few of my friends 😉 looks like i might get to munich in december. I hope i see snow this year. I should be able to meet a friend in Munich who is retiring jump spiele kostenlosen. A lucky coincidence! I might even go skiing! Not been since […]


The first post

Welcome to my blog. Im not sure what this will be like. But i thought it about time i wrote something down.

I really am just an ordinary guy compatibility package. Married with 3 kids. 17,14,14. So yes they are twins and no they aren’t identical as they are a boy and a girl. […]