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Sales Rebate Agreement Sample

Note: If you use purchase instructions to indicate that all discount agreements are pending for an (inactive) supplier, the system changes that status to “Active” when you enter a new active discount contract for the supplier. More information about creating newspaper entries for discounts can be found in Chapter 45, “Update Information.” The Medicaid Department or Medicaid Department may negotiate, in agreement with the Sovereign States Drug Consortium, additional pharmaceutical rebate agreements (SDRAs) that would reclassify any drug that is not designated as preferred in the basic list as long as the agreement is in effect. A EDS between the Medicaid Department and a drug manufacturer for drugs made available to the Medicaid program and submitted to the Centers for Medicare – Medicaid Services (CMS) on December 27, 2005 and the title “State of Mississippi Supplemental Rebate Agreement” was approved by CMS. CMS has authorized the State of Mississippi to enter the sovereign States Drug Consortium (SSDC) multi-state purchasing pool. The SDRA, presented by cmS on September 7, 2012 under the title “State of Mississippi Supplemental Rebate Agreement,” has been approved by CMS. CMS has approved the revised SSDC Multistate Agreement that was tabled on March 17, 2014 for Medicaid`s Population Department to cover the treatment of additional drugs When a provider offers you a discount for the purchase of certain goods and services, you have entered into a discount agreement. You can have an unlimited number of discounts for each provider. For each agreement, you provide basic information, z.B.: You can enter item numbers or account numbers if certain items or services are available that you need to buy to get the discount. You can enter storage or non-storage items for a discount agreement. Enter the purchase category (P1-P5) with which you enter the category code values for discounts.

You indicate this value in the system constants (P4009W) that you accessed by pressing F10 branch/installation constants (P41204). Whether it is an amount or a percentage of the purchase amount per unit, the amount of the discount in the Value field is applied per unit purchased. The amount or amount you need to purchase for the rebate must be entered with the total amount or percentage you must receive for each threshold, regardless of the other thresholds for which you may have already received a discount. For example, you can assign the system a number to each of your discount agreements or enter your own number. If you assign a number, the last discount number is increased by 1 for the provider. If this is the first discount contract for the supplier, the system assigns the number one. In the Value field, enter the amount of the discount for the position. In the example above, when you purchase 500 items, you are entitled to a total discount of 500.00, regardless of the 100.00 discount you may have already obtained for the purchase of 100 items. You can enter a category code value to indicate a group of items from which you can make purchases. The system applies purchases to the discount agreement when you purchase an item assigned to the category code value. The status of the agreement, whether active or pending The amount of the rebate or the percentage of purchases that determines the amount of the rebate After defining what you need to buy to get a discount, you must enter the amount or amount you need to buy.


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