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Software License Agreement Australia

14.1 TR has taken appropriate steps to create a safe environment for receiving and transmitting information. However, since the use of the hosted version of the software (“hosted application”) depends in part on third parties (z.B. telecommunications companies) whose power is outside TR`s sphere of influence, TR disclaims any liability for damage resulting from the failure of the hosted application due to the performance of these third parties. TR also disclaims any liability for damages resulting from the disclosure or dissemination of information during transmission to the hosted application, while this information must be encrypted during the transfer. Regardless of the express or implied contrary nature, TR assumes no liability for delays or errors related to the hosted application caused by systems or components outside the TR network, including, but not limited to your hardware, software and/or networks, telecommunications systems, Internet access, telephone lines and telephone and communication devices. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this license agreement, Altair disclaims any liability and disclaims any liability for claims or allegations of violations concerning the software or software in which the software may be used, based on: (1) the use of the Software by a party compensated after Datawatch announced to stop using the Software on the basis of an allegation or allegation of violation; (2) any modifications made to the software by an compensated party or in accordance with the specifications provided by the licensee; (3) the combination of software with software, data, hardware or other hardware by a compensated party if such an injury had been avoided by the exclusive use of the software; 4) Use software that does not contain all updates available by Altair if such an update is required to avoid a violation; (5) any trademark or trade violation involving marking or marking of a defused part; or (6) the use of licensed software in accordance with Section 1 (f) of this license agreement. 9.4 At the end or expiry of this contract, at the request of the recipient, the recipient must immediately return the confidential information to the revealing party: including copies or excerpts of it, or (ii) to destroy confidential information (to the extent permitted by applicable legislation or regulation) and certify in writing, at the request of the disclosing party, that such confidential information has been returned or destroyed and that no copy of that information has been made or retained between the parties, except for copies expressly provided for by this agreement or other agreements. The limitation of liability clause will determine the extent to which each party is legally liable if something goes wrong with the software. It is important to clarify the limits of a party`s liability. For example, will you be held responsible for technical failures (and any financial losses) that may be related to downloading, installing or using the software? If so, to what extent? LICENCE GRANT: Under these terms and conditions for enterprise licensing agreements (the “licensing agreement”), Altair Pty Limited (“Datawatch”) grants the licensee the following non-negotiable licensing agreements, non-transferable and software-limited licensees indicated in the Altair Pty Limited Order Agreement (the “order contract”) only in the machine-readable code form, all installation routines, including license key codes, associated technical specifications, user documents and training materials (the “documentation”) (together the “software”), subject to payment of royalties by the purchaser in accordance with the order contract and the terms set out here. (a) License paid.


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