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Collective Agreement Nwtta

The new agreement entered into force on 1 August and applies until 31 July 2021. The Government of the Northwest Territories` current agreement with the NWTTA expires on July 31, 2020, but remains in effect until a new agreement is reached. It is part of the new one-year collective agreement between the Northwest Territories Teachers` Association (NWTTA) and the territorial government, according to a press release released Monday. The wage increase is in line with the increase received by the rest of the government`s public service in April. Negotiations for separate collective agreements YK1 and Yellowknife Catholic Schools will take place in the fall, Oliver said. Both agreements expire on 31 August. The first round of negotiations on the new agreement is expected to take place from Tuesday to Friday. More language has also been added to the agreement to ensure that teachers transferred to the territory complete at least one school year or the duration of the contract, whichever is lower. “This agreement has strengthened support for educators at a time when workload and expectations continue to rise.” Other highlights of the agreement are changes to the living allowance for the North, which involves a $450 increase in the base used to calculate rates, the statement said.

The new agreement also added a language that recognizes both sides` commitment to prioritizing and respecting indigenous people and culture and what they have done for the territory. . . .


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