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Curator Agreement

The policies of museums and other publishers regarding catalogue and other library fees and royalties are complex and vary widely. In most (but not all) cases, guest curators receive a lump sum for their contributions to a publication. However, some guest curators may prefer an alternative method of remuneration based on royalties that would reward them more directly for their work associated with a catalogue. In this approach, they would get an agreed percentage of the wholesale price of each catalog sold (it is possible to distinguish between sales inside and outside the museum); such an agreement should be established together with a payment plan in the contract. The College Art Association (CAA) offers the following guidelines for considering agreements between museums and guest curators. B. The organizer`s agreement with the exhibitor states that the exhibitor agrees to accept delivery of the exhibition directly to a secure, air-conditioned area on its site, where the organizer`s courier inspects the delivered exhibition materials. The exhibitor provides competent packers for the unpacking and reconditioning of the show. Unpacking takes place only 24 hours after delivery. The issuer undertakes to store crates and packaging materials for exhibition in air-conditioned areas that comply with the temperature and humidity standards set out in section VIII below. Press representatives will want to speak regularly with the curator or artists of an exhibition at the exhibition. What are the expectations of the museum and the guest curator as to how the guest curator will connect with the press before the exhibition, during the installation and after the opening? What role will the host curator play in giving press access to exhibiting artists before the exhibition, during the installation and after the opening? Since the press and advertising for the exhibition can only be fully processed or visible before the opening of the exhibition, there may be aspects of this work that cannot or could not be discussed or negotiated in the initial contract.

Ideally, the museum will involve the guest curator in discussions about the exhibition`s public relations when needs develop. The museum can reasonably expect the visiting curator of the press to be able to speak about the exhibition in person or by telephone, and the visiting curator can reasonably expect the museum to draw the attention of the press to the role of the visiting curator in the creation of the exhibition and facilitate contact between the press and the visiting curator for interviews or quotations. . . .


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