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Reservation Agreement For Apartment

Thank you for applying to live at Chesapeake Commons! Our application process consists of four parts: Credit Check, Rental History Review, Employment/Student Review, and Criminal History Check. Note: To book a particular apartment, we need a complete application, an authorization form for credit quality control, a reservation agreement, application fee, deposit and supporting documents. We can book an apartment up to 21 days with all the necessary documents and payments. There is a non-refundable application fee of US$30 per applicant that is due upon application submission. All adults (18+ years old) must apply. Also note that all residents are listed in the rental agreement. If you have not yet deposited your deposit, we will ask you to do so now to officially book an apartment. The amount of the acomphement depends on your application. A request is only considered when all the necessary information has been provided and payment has been received. (These documents must be signed.

They can then be delivered by hand, sent, scanned and faxed by e-mail to us. Contact us if you would like to submit these forms electronically through DocuSign.) *Applications can be submitted electronically via DocuSign. Please contact us directly so that we can assign you a link via DocuSign via email. Otherwise, you can download the necessary documents via the following links. You must also provide proof of employment or student information and other documents, including: Click here to download the credit check authorization….


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