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Vectorcast License Agreement

(a) If, in the event of a disaster, the licensee is required to make a permanent modification of the site or location of an external contractor for a reason other than fault at a backup site or site, the licensee shall inform the licensor in writing without delay and obtain the authorization of the new designated site. If such a change expands the use of the software beyond the use for which it was previously licensed or if the new designated location is outside of a support area subject to the same support fee, such changes may be subject to changes in royalty, media and/or other charges. If the parties mutually agree with such a change to the designated location and these new royalties (if any), the licensor will establish a schedule that will reflect these changes and will be signed by the licensee. (q) “Target License Package” or “TLP” means a source code license and the availability of remote technical support (by email, telephone, web) in support of the LDRA suite of tools® configuration and configuration of target environment tests (simulator or target CPU) details of which are provided by the licensee on the TLP environment form. (j) “Open source” software is software whose source code is provided with a license in which the copyright owner grants the rights to study, modify and distribute the software to everyone and for any purpose. Open source licenses may have certain restrictions (except those set forth in this Agreement) that must be complied with by Licensee, including with respect to the expression of origin of the open source software, for example. B the requirement to keep the authors` names and a copyright statement within the code, or the requirement to continue to distribute the software under an open source license only. The use of open source software by the licensee is subject to the terms of the open source license and may also entail additional requirements, including, but not limited to, compliance with export control rules (see clause 22 below). (b) Notwithstanding (a) the foregoing, Licensor shall, in the event that Licensee discovers a material error seriously affecting Licensee`s use of the Software and informing Licensor of the error (the “Warranty Period”) within thirty days of receipt of the Software), either refund the royalty paid by Licensee, do everything in his power; to fix by patch or new version (according to his choice).

the part of the software that does not correspond to the software, PROVIDED that such non-compliance has not been caused by a modification, modification or addition of the software that has not been made by the licensor, by its incorrect use, misuse or deterioration of the software, or by the use of the software with other software or on devices with which it is not compatible;. . . .


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