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What Were The Consequences Of The Munich Agreement

Because of their knowledge of the Czech language, many Sudeten Germans were employed in the administration of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia as well as in Nazi organizations such as the Gestapo. The most notable of these was Karl Hermann Frank, SS General and Police and Secretary of State for the Protectorate. It was once said that the first victim of war is the truth; but there are countries where the truth is killed long before the war begins. During the war between Russia and Japan, as a dramatic sign of the dense ignorance of the Russian peasants, we were told that there were villages where no one knew that a war was going on; this has been cited as an illustration of the primitive state of Russian civilization. Today, the most alarming fact is the ignorance of the most educated peoples, an ignorance that is the result of a conscious policy of their leaders. Hitler also expressed concern to Chamberlain about what he perceived as British “threats.” [30] Chamberlain replied that he had made no “threat” and asked Hitler in frustration, “Why did I come here to waste my time?” [30] Hitler replied that if Chamberlain was willing to accept the self-determination of the Sudeten Germans, he would be willing to discuss the matter. [30] Chamberlain and Hitler held talks for three hours, and the meeting was adjourned. Chamberlain returned to the UK and met with his cabinet to discuss the issue. [30] The Manchester Guardian covered every aspect of the story – from details of the deal to Chamberlain`s appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to unease among other nations. One editorial considered the piece of paper he had brandished on his return to Britain to be almost worthless…


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