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Barcelona for the day

I will eventually stop going on about life in Germany. But its easy to fill pages so for now heres some more.

Munich is situated in a wonderfull position in Europe yabeat kostenlose musik herunterladen. Just an hour from Austria, 100 miles to Italy. a few hours to France or the Check Republic (sure i spelt that wrong!) to name a few. All of which we were lucky enough to be able to drive to and ill talk about them all snapshot herunterladen.

So it was we found ourselves driving to the South of France for a mini break as Bridget might say. The only difference being we had 3 kids in tow font eurostile!

The first thing i noticed was that the locals were easy to spot. It was Easter time and had been fairly cold in Munich but here it was mid 20’s and comfortable in shorts and T-shirts wie kann ich imovie herunterladen. The locals though were all in Ski Jackets which i found quite amusing. But at the same time i realised that its all relative and must still seem cold for them download the sims 4 mac.

When we realised how close we were to the border we decided to drive to Barcelona for the day. It took an hour and a half along the motorway and was a lovely warm day sparkassen app s-id-check herunterladen. We wandered around and drove around the city. It really was a nice place and we all thought we could live there. Clean and fresh with a lovely beach nearby yandex herunterladen. Not to mention all the English banks! and at the time a Marks and Spencer. What bliss! real cheddar chees and sausages. We naturally bought some as these were some of the hardest things to buy in Munich herunterladen.

At the end of our holiday we drove to Hahn Airport in Germany which is near Frankfurt. We were going to fly to the UK for the week. Hahn is a very small airport herunterladen. It has only one terminal and is about an hour from Frankfurt. The reason we used it was that Ryanair were flying to Stansted very cheaply. I think we paid £113 for 5 of us return which has to be my best deal ever for flights herunterladen. I should also mention that the car park is free and within walking distance.

This all went like clockwork on the out ward trip to the UK and we had a great week. The return went equally well except for the landing. There was thick fog so as soon as we landed the plane stopped and waited for a man in a truck with a flashing light on. The pilot then had to follow the truck in to the terminal unloading area.!! God knows how he landed!


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