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Early Days

I was reminded of my younger days recently. My daughters boyfrined is playing in a band and will be playing a Gig this week. Way back in 1976 i desicovered punk and it was a very exciting time apps downloaden huawei p smart. It led to me buying a guitar and learning to play a little. Ive never made much progress but its enough for me.

I did get involved with some guys locally and we played the christmas dance at the Grammar School sachen von youtubeen. We actually supported Night Doctor i think? Of course flushed with the success we carried on and did a few more gigs. We even went into a studio and recorded 4 tracks which is till have on tape πŸ˜‰ bayern logo.

But after this we never really did much more. I then got involved with a guy from work and joined his dinner dance band which was great fun favorites. We would play more or less once a week and get paid for it too πŸ˜‰ This lasted a couple of years ending when my daughter was born in 1986. We even did a weeks residency in a hotel just before christmas for a week which paid for new coffee tables herunterladen!

We did have some funny times. One evening my bass stopped working completey! So i was just stood there miming for a while until i went off to fix it cv downloaden uwv. Luckily i had a screwdriver and realised the earth wire had come off the volume control. A strategically placed bent paper clip saved the day!.

Another time we were playing at a wedding and the singers music stand fell off the stage herunterladen. One of the bands favouritew things was when we were playing instrumental music through dinner. They would all syop and leave me playing bass alone. Of course i was always dreading this moment and they would never tell me when they planned to do it shazam fΓΌr pc herunterladen!

Playing music, no matter what type , is great fun and it can lead you into all sorts of interesting situations.


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