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May Day

When we arrived in our village we were fascinated to discover we had a maypole. In fact we discovered that almost every village had one steam download pc. It was while travelling to work on the train that I noticed a huge length of wood being worked on by the side of the station. After a week or two I noticed that it had been painted white and partly blue herunterladen. So I asked at work what was going on. They told me that every 5 years or so a village has a new maypole and that they guard them the night before mayday in case a neighbouring village decides to steal it youtube videos vom handy downloaden! The only way to get them back is by supplying several crates of beer!

So I watched with interest as they gradually finished making the may pole and decorated it herunterladen. There is naturally a traditional method of raising the may pole which involves 10-20 strong men in leder hosen and a large amount of beer not to mention some long wooden supports echtes minecraft kostenlosen. But the other method more often employed involves a lorry with a crane and large amounts of beer.

So on My Day they tend to have a traditional dance involving a group of willing single young people and lots of beer schneller im browser downloaden. Although you might be mistaken for thinking its some bizarre Milk Maid fetish society…

Here the willing dancers are being driven by tractor to the beer tent apps for iphone 4 for free! Which has been set up in the grounds of the local recycling area (Dump!).

merkur pickerl herunterladen.

The beer tent to the right.


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