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Good Samaritans…

This might take two posts before i finish…

We would frequesntly drive to the next village for shopping or a quick snack in Hogles Coffee shop older office versions. As you enter the next village there is a pretty steep hill to negotiate which is achieved with 4 or 5 hair pin bends.

So as we turned the first we saw a blue transit van stopped on the wrong side of the road antivirus for windows for free. As we got closer we saw that a Mercedes was stopped facing the van and there had clearly been an accident. So we stopped behind the van to see if we could help how to download sims 4 mods. As we apprached the van we could hear moaning and soon realised the Turkish guy behinfd the wheel was clearly crying! So we went to the Mercedes and discovered an old couple just sat in the car herunterladen. The husband got out and with my broken German and his broken German we called the local garage and police. In the meantime my wife and i split up to help direct traffic herunterladen. We used the warning triangles and basically acted as traffic lights until the police arrived.

However, just before the police arrived a German lady stopped to check what was going on tax forms 2019. She seemed to assume that we, being foreign had caused the accident and having told us the correct procedure drove off!!

So being somewhat puzzled thaqt no one else would stop, we carried on emule for free german. The police duly arrived and one then took my wifes place while the other discussed the accident with my wife and the old couple. Some friends of the Turkish guy also arrived along with the garage to tow away the Mercedes google drive alles herunterladen.

It transpired that the Mercedes driver was an 80 year old who had just come out of hospital for the day to get some clothes from his house word styles. He could speak a little english but explained that his Spanish or Portuguese was better. This was because after the war he had moved to Argentina and gradually moved back to Bavaria bilder herunterladen rechtslage. He was a doctor… I cant imagine what he did there!!!!!

So after shaking hands with the police who were very grateful for our help not to mention amazed that we bothered! we made a very hasty exit and on to a much needed drink feeling somewhat bemused by the whole experience and maybe slightly glad that we didnt leave our names…


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