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Insurance… Who needs it!

We had been in Munich for a few years and were competant skiers. My son was also a competent snowboarder. It was close to the end of the season and we had gone to Seefeld for the day elsterformular herunterladen. It had been glorious sunshine and we had all enjoyed ourselves until we came up on the lift and there was my son on the ground with a crown around him free kids cd download. Well I tore down the hill and skidded to a halt beside him. He had tried to grind along a metal bar and slipped off and landed on his chest. Of course he had panicked and everyone around being experienced on the mountain had called the helicopter kostenlos ebooks herunterladen. A doctor was on hand and examined him ad the conclusion was that he was just winded but that they would take him off to Innsbruck hospital for a check rammstein kostenlos.

Well it was a beautiful sunny day and this huge yellow helicopter came up and landed nearby. My son was stretchered off accompanied by my wife and they were gone herunterladen!

This left me with a snowboard and my wifes ski’s to carry down. Luckily someone helped with the snowboard ad I put the skis o my shoulder and went down with the others herunterladen.

Of course then we had to find Innsbruck hospital! This took an hour! We eventually found them waiting for us. My so was fully recovered now and grinning converter mp3.

They had anjoyed a 5 minute helicopter ride which I got the bill for 950Euro!. I can only say how thrilled I was at having spent 20Euro o some insurance two weeks earlier with ADAC steam workshop files. The German AA equivalent. They paid the lot!


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