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Raspberry Pi games


I had to get one kniffel app kostenlosen. So i got two! The first one is just running XBIAN (XBMC). For those that dont know this is a media centre and with a few plug-ins such as TVCatchup it hangs off th eback of a spare HD TV and streams some free TV channels herunterladen. I also discovered i can send any media on my phone to this setup as well.

The second one is more for playing around with. At the moment its running a NAS drive for backups and music etc herunterladen. Theres plenty of help for this on the net at and it works quite well.

I’m also playing around with bluetooth how can I download pictures from the internet. I discovered this site  herunterladen.

I followed it more or less. I tried using it on Arch linux but this wouldnt find any devices so i installed Raspbian and it worked. I then mashed up a couple of scripts to send an email  whenever the Pi scans and finds another bluetooth device in range. 

I used this script to scan  for a bluetooth device


if   hcitool scan | grep “:” > string




echo “failed”


The second script is a small python script to send an email google hörbücher herunterladen. Its not pretty but it works and send the contents fo the file “string” which is the BT or MAC address of the devices found in the scan.


import smtplib

import sys

message = “””From: Pi

To: Home

Subject: Bluetooth Alert


bluetooth = open(‘string’, ‘r’).read()


server = smtplib.SMTP(“”)




server.login(‘’, ‘password’)

# print message

print bluetooth

server.sendmail(‘’,’’, mssg)







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