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A trip to Hammersmith. Nothing that many don’t do on a daily basis. Some trains, some walking and a different pespective. Not forgetting 18hrs in a tiny room with one light herunterladen!

Some beer and a Thai Curry. Hussle and bussle.

The Town Hall will shortly have 2 facades!

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Marathon Girl at Leicester


First marathon 4:45….

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The Run – Northampton 10K

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Well its that time of year again and without much training i went in for the 10k run!

1 hour and 5 Minutes considering the hills and training was respectable enough…

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An interesting Twitter App

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I noticed a few people using this on Twitter. It basically agregates a lot of the accounts you follow to produce a newspaper for you dj vollversion kostenlosen.

Try it out here…


The Jura region

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A peacefull week in france.

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How different they are. The largest and smallest belong to my twins…

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How different they are. The largest and smallest belong to my twins…

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Costas on a saturday


What more do is there to say

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Triumph Roadster

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Seen at Stowe School

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Fun at Fifty!

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What to eat on a Sunny Afternoon

A long Monday in the office and it almost seems too much to think of when deciding what to eat. I should really be sat outside a cafe swilling the last of my latte around while admiring the scenery and pondering the meaning of life stream and.

But then again im home relaxing with a nice Weissbier and a Delia Smith recipe card from Waitrose! So here is my choice… Saltimboca Delia style. hwmonitor herunterladen.

I must admit it tasted lovely. Pork Loin bashed thinner with Parma ham and a sage leaf. Coated in flour, fried then add marsala wine audiobook free of charge children. Simple but so nice 🙂

Nice one Delia!


Secrets of Spanish Table Tennis Training

I recently spent a week in Tenerife where i was able to see at first hand how the Spanish Table Tennis Federation train their elite squads. This made me wonder if this may also be useful for the ETTA as the debate over our recent elite squad training has been a hot topic aldi talk kostenlos herunterladen.

As you can see in the picture below they train outside. They are also forced to use some non-standard equipment. The bat pictured below is branded “Plastibat”


The angle distorts the view but it is a standard size bat with same colour coverings um die welt in 80 tagen kostenlos downloaden. This has been illegal for some years but it adds an extra uncertainty to training. Also as the entire team train outside the ball is also subject to the influence of the wind and other natural elements schriftart herunterladen powerpoint.

I was unable to handle the bat for long enough to determine the coverings makup or playing qualities but suffice to say it did seem to evoke some quite emotinal responses 3ds roms kostenlosen.

 To make things even more difficult the public are invited to spectate and comment on the training sessions. They even go to the extent of using scantily clad women to try and distact the play kostenlose logikspiele herunterladen.

In order to pressurise the players further the only drinks available are alcoholic benjamin flower listening games for free. However this will provide some benefits for later life as players move into Veteran tournemants where they will be better prepared for nights in the premier inn postbank bestsign app.

I did also see some of the junior players but i could not take any pictures. I did see some of them using some experimental grips. One of them was trying a revolutionary grip nick named the Pan handle grip herunterladen. I’m sure this will be seen soon.


My Golf Swing!


Well not brilliant quality but its interesting…


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Chipping Norton farmers market

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A nice way to spens a Saturday.

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